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Help me to fine a ';Louis Vuittion bath room set?


HELP PLEASE!!!!!Help me to fine a ';Louis Vuittion bath room set?
Jesus Christ, how lazy are you? Use google, that's what it's there for.Help me to fine a ';Louis Vuittion bath room set?
I dont know where to get the rug set from but i do want to know where did you get the shower curtain from. I never heard of L.V bathe set and thats something that I'm interested in. I will look around for you to see if I can find it for you.

3 piece bath mat set?

Anyone (UK) know where I can get a 3 piece bath mat set, preferably white. There are plenty of two piece ones, but the toilet lid cover seems rare nowadays. My Grandmother is wanting a set for christmas. Have tried googling, but not found any in white. London, or anywhere I can order by mail would be great.3 piece bath mat set?
Check this out at Dunelm - you can buy separately and in many colours including white.鈥?/a>

Hope this helps you out.3 piece bath mat set?
I will look around and get back to you,sure I've seen some recently

just found a peach coloured one on, very cheap! look up and type in search box;3 piece bathmat,white.
You can order from JC Penney in the US. These sets are still wildly popular in the US for some inexplicable reason.

Here's what you're looking for:鈥?/a>

And here's their policy for international purchases:鈥?/a>

The closest to white i could find is a pearl coloured one that is on a site called ..not sure if it is what you are looking for tho .
:-( Nope - I haven;t been able to find a decent 3 piece set for ages. The cats took over the last loo seat cover I DID manage to get!
lol. in fact roflmfao

I'll look out for one tomorrow in Boyes's
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  • What all does a bath set include?

    Is it a good gift to present on a friends wedding?What all does a bath set include?
    A bath set usually includes the toilet tank cover, seat cover, toilet rug and plain rectangular rug.

    Sure, that would be a good gift, especially if your friend registered for it somewhere.

    Sunday, March 7, 2010

    Cheap bathing suit sets for teens ?

    or cheap full bathing suits for teens ? and also unknown teen shops online. by cheap sets i mean 10 - 20$Cheap bathing suit sets for teens ?
    The Target ones aren't half bad.Cheap bathing suit sets for teens ?
    the cheepest ones i have seen so far are at target. but if not. sign up to get stuff from old navy they send you these bags and everything you put in the bag is 20% off .. and they have cheep stuff there.
    I don't know how easy it will be to find a bathing suit that cheap during this season.. but if you wait around early fall, macys and old navy will have tops and bottoms for about $5 dollars a piece
    if you but them in off seasons (like winter) you can get originally expensive suits for really cheap!鈥?/a>
    Target they are 14.99 for a top and 14.99 for a bottom their incredibly cute and colorful
    Here are a few great sites.

    Hope this helped!
    Try old navy, or Ross %26amp; TJ Maxx are also good places. Good luck!
    u can get 20 dollar ones at aeropostale they are all 20 dollars they are on sale so u might want to hurry idk how long they will be on sale just go to to see them all
    go to thrift stores and you will get them very cheap.
    victoria's secret onesss!
    ugh! i hate it when they sell the tops for like 15$ and the bottoms for 20$! try wetseal.
    Try target, they have really cute swimsuits.

    ( ~ 8*
    15 dollar store
    Old Navy or Aerpostale. Target is good too.
    go to target. they have the cheapest bathing suits but there so cute!
    the bathing suits arent are!
    I don't buy CHEAP
    Wal mart!!
    wet seal

    really kute ones 2

    hope i helped

    much %26lt;3
    try tArget
    target or K Mart
    try like walmart
    TARGET! they are soo cute there too!
    try going to Target, they have swimsuits there

    How can I give my cat a bath? She has nails and there is no just setting her in she'll climb me.?

    Sorry this is so long.

    She's a year and a half and I adopted her so I didn't have the chance to raise her from a kitten with dealing with bathtime. I understand the whole cats can clean themselves thing and I get that. I have allergies and the only way for me to be able to breathe is to give her a bath every 2 or 3 weeks, about when the shampoo smell goes away. I love cats. I can't just not have one, I already have her and am not giving her up.

    I have given her bathes a few times before...

    The first time I didn't no what I was doing and ended up pouring water on her on the bathroom floor cause she would NOT go into the tub. She would climb me and no amount of scruff holding would make her stay. She does have claws and is not one of those sit in the bathtub and be pitiful kinds of cats.

    The other times I had a friend show me how and help me. She would fill the tub, have the cat next to the tub, and pick her up by her scruff and somewhere around her back near her hind legs. She'd put her in the tub and hold her with her front feet sticking up so the cat couldn't do anything but yowl her unhappiness. I think that might not be good cause her back doesn't have the skin her scruff does but it worked.

    Now my friend isn't available for occasional cat baths due to school and work. I can't do what she did cause I'd have no hands to bathe the cat I'd just be holding her. Is there a way to bathe the cat without A. her climbing me when she sees I've shut the door to the bathroom or B. me holding a jumping, twisting, clawing cat just to even get her into the water let alone washing her? I'm worried I'm going to hurt her when she goes into hysterics because she still has so much movement with me holding her scruff. Any ideas besides pouring water on her while she sits on towels? I can't even get her to sit in an empty tub to pour water on her from my full sink, so theres no running water.How can I give my cat a bath? She has nails and there is no just setting her in she'll climb me.?
    I have one as you describe that gives us the pitiful looks. The other is a twister, squirmer, clawer kind. The funny thing is; he likes to play in water when a bath is not involved and it isn't too deep. What we did to calm him down to give us a little extra non panic time is to slowly work up to bath time.

    For example: we would shut the door and talk to him as he started to calm down we would pet him. Then open the door without a bath. Do this several times until he doesn't panic with the door shut. We then put a ball in the tub and let him play with it. We then filled the tub with 2 inches of water, put the ball in then brought him in. The sound of rushing water scared him. We let him jump in and play usually he had wetted himself pretty good with playing and a cup preferably plastic would get the rest. We let him play sometimes without the nasty bathtime too. Then we soaped him up as if we were petting him in the tub and telling him he is such a good boy. Two or three plastic juice(or Koolaid) pitchers to rinse him off left just a little bit with the noisy shower or bath spigot. A few treats as mentioned already helped ease the pride too. We tried to think of a way that the bathtub was not a scary place for him. And we will still do some of the above from time to time without the bath just so he isn't just associating the tub with a bath.

    And as frustrating, painful, and nerve wracking it is for you try and stay calm and quick about what you are doing, it will help him not panic as well. If you hold down around the shoulder blades gently it is harder for them to squirm and move then if you actually scruff her, and it takes less concentration on your part. It does make you a bit more vulnerable to a bite though.

    Another little hint trim her nails the night before, so that they aren't as sharp. If you do it right before she is going to be agitated over that, too.

    If possible and sometimes it isn't after the bath just hold him and stroke him and tell him he is a good girl.

    It takes a lot of one on one time, but with the amount of baths you have to give her, it sounds like it might make it a lot easier on you if it works.

    Hope your kitty stays squeaky clean, happy and you scratch free.How can I give my cat a bath? She has nails and there is no just setting her in she'll climb me.?
    Try washing it with a wet wash cloth. Cats don't like baths so you should either use the sink or a wash cloth.
    put her in the shower and just get her wet
    have you tried the waterless shampoo's? you can get them at WalMart and PetSmart. and i think they have one that reduces dander.

    hope this helps.
    Bathing cats is one dangerous thing!! I had three cats, wow it was a workout washing them. I have lots of scars from it too. I was always afraid of the cat scratching my eyes.

    This one page shows bathing the cat in the sink, thats a good idea if you are tall enough to use it comforatably, why didnt I think of that! Its to hard in the tub bending over. This article sites cutting the cats nails first, if you have not done this, get someone at the vets or pet store to show you how, it can be painful for the cat if done incorrectly.
    going to your doctor and getting shots for your allergies would be easier.

    the problem is, no matter what you do, the cat will learn what you are doing and counter attack.
    first of all call a groomer and make an appointment. ask to stay and ask questions. all i know is it's very bad to pour water on their heads because water can get stuck in their ears and get infected. running water or not it will terrify the kitten because that isn't how the momma cat bathed her.

    you can get a big bowl of warm water. a few towels and one for your lap and body. some soap in the water and keep in mind only a few drops. give her a sponge bath sitting down on your lap. have her favorite kitty treats and feed her if you notice her being good. positive reinforcement training can work on cats. also too much bathing can dry out the skin and cause more issues for the cat. sponge baths will be similar to what the mother does and she may like it.

    what has happened so far has been extremely negative and must of been sheer terror for her and i would suggest easing her into it with positive training. she isn't going to go willingly right now and it could cause serious behavior issues.

    make sure to ask the groomer for cat safe shampoo that will not hurt their skin.

    when in doubt always feel free to call your vet about what to do, they do have the ability to help resolve issues of any kind.

    best wishes.
    I know this sounds extreme but I would suggest putting her in one of those net bags used to hold socks for washers. The holes are tiny and she won't be able to get tangled up in it, those bags have drawstring tops and you can just tie it with a quick release if you're worried. In this you can soap her up and rinse her fairly easily too but you will have to be extra careful about making sure she can breathe while you are washing her through the bag. I don't usually like using force but outside of trimming her claws and muscling your way through it, which can be dangerous for you both, this is at least doable without physical harm to either of you. It would be best of course to think of a way to make baths pleasant, I am a clicker trainer for dogs and horses and I know that given time you could actually teach her to enter water of her own accord but if you are working on a serious phobia and a 2-3 week time line a quick-fix is the only thing you can do.
    Its tough to give a bath to a cat that will not cooperate when you have no 2nd person to hand you the shampoo. But this is what I do (and I've washed most cats by myself).

    1. Trim all nails before you attempt to bath.

    2. Have a mat or towel in the bottom of the tub for stability.

    3. Only put in about 2 inches deep on the water.

    4. Let her hold onto the back of the tub/railing/soap dish and wet her down with a washcloth. You may have to switch hands and scruff her neck with one hand, wet with the other. Be firm with her. Make her sit and talk to her softly (that really helps).

    5. Scruff her and put just a small amount of shampoo down the back and then take both hands and quickly wash her body and legs (remember neck down - no higher).

    Then drain the tub and start rinsing her off good. I have a hand held shower head and it work great for rinsing.

    Quickly wrap her in a towel and start drying her off.

    Now I didn't know you were washing for don't need to give a complete bath for that. Its much quicker to get some DISTILLED drinking water and wipe down your cat every day. The distilled water will neutralize the allergins in the coat and I'm sure that will work a lot better for you then complete washing the cat. I know people with allergies to do this and they are fine with the cat. Try that first rather then a complete bath.
    Uh dude.

    First off, use the kitchen sink. Fill it like half way with water. Hold your cat by the scruff of the neck. Don't be scared to like, hold it tight and what not. Anyhow force her into the water, use a cup to get her wet all the way. Soap her, rinse her, wrap her in a towel and dry her best you can then let her hide lol.

    When you're holding her, hold her scruff reallly tightly and stuff and use your strength to hold her down in the sink. She will fight, so make sure her claws is not facing you and that she has nothing to grab onto.


    Anything else to tell you.

    I have three cats.

    One of them is muscley.

    One is fat fat fat and I mean faat and he has flab that hangs.

    And one is a runt.

    So when I do baths I have three to deal with one at a time =D

    It works though.

    Bandit is a huge cat and still growing, the muscley one, and if I can hold him down by the scruff I'm sure you can do it.

    Just grab a whole handful of the scruff.

    Hold it tight to where your nails dig in, and push down on them when holding them down. It should work.

    Good luck =D


    I thought of something else.

    If everything fails.

    Put the cat in a cat carryier cage thingy.

    And spray it down with a hose.

    Then squirt soap on her through the holes.

    And like, use a scrub brush with a handle and rub the soap in, and spray her down to rinse her.


    She can't run away or claw you that way.
    Most local veterinarians offer this service. If you ask the vet tech for pointers on doing it at home between appointments, they just might give you a few tips.

    When my little Mandy got into the garage and decided that the open motor oil bottle would be fun to bat around the floor ended up covered, I consulted my vet. She suggested 25mg of Benadryl. I opened the capsule and placed 1/2 of it in her favorite snack - tuna fish. she wasn't knocked out but she was much easier to bathe. I clipped the claws on all 4 paws before the med kicked in - she enjoyed that part. and once she was sedated, but awake, my friend and I took the task of bathing her. The vet had given us a special shampoo that would help get the oil off of her skin, the only problem with this particular shampoo was that it would dry out her skin, so she gave me a lotion/ conditioner that helped her skin recover. I do not suggest you do the Benadryl until consulting with your vet, tho. And it wouldn't hurt to spend the extra money on the proper shampoo for you frisky feline - just another suggestion. Good Luck

    use yahoo search or another search engine until you find all of the info that will make your kitty clean and calm

    Again - good luck
    My grandson was bitten through the thumb nail this summer trying to give their cat a bath and was on antibiotics for a month because of a mass infection. There is a dry shampoo on the market that can you use to give your cat a bath. It is much simpler and will save a lot of discomfort for you and the cat. Check it out at Pet Smart.
    They do sell a kind of kitty bathing wipe that helps with allergens but I'm not sure how well they work. If you can't find them and have to get your cat a bath then here is what it says to do in a book I own:

    ';Start with a room temperature water in a sink, only on the feet at first. Use a cup to pour over the back (the faucet can be frightening), give a gentle massage, towel dry, and let the cat go. Accustom your cat to short sessions with no shampoo at first, then gradually add a quick foamy shampoo massage and a through rinse.';

    Hopefully your cat will slowly be less resistant to the baths. Also you should trim your cats nails a day or so before you give her a bath so she doesn't scratch you super bad.
    number 1, don't bathe her in the tub. Use the sink.

    I know you would have to clean out the sink but cats hate being closed into one room. (My cat is fine, until I close a door. Then she whines and claws at the walls.)

    Use one hand to hold her down and scrub her with your free hand. She won't like it but you need to chow her you are the boss. make sure you give her a treat before and after a bath. That way, when you give her a treat, she knows what coming, and she knows there is a reward.
    Use duck tape, it is not very sticky so it won't hurt her at all, and wrap a little around her 2 front paws and then wrap a little around her 2 back paws and then just lay her down on a nice soft towel, and get a wash cloth and put a small amount of water of her and do it fairly slowly so she doesn't get upset. And rub the washcloth over her until she is all clean, and make sure to talk softly to her so she is okay and not scared for the next time you do it. Then when your done cleaning her, then the tape come off easily and then give her a treat!

    I am trying to locate a set of 5 tiny baby dolls (5cm)that come with rocking horses, bikes baths, bed.?

    They are no longer made, and have 1989 on some of the pieces. They come with accessories: bottles, helmuts, mirrors, bedding, etc: They may come with other pieces?

    I would like to purchase them to go with the few pieces I do have.I am trying to locate a set of 5 tiny baby dolls (5cm)that come with rocking horses, bikes baths, bed.?
    They were called Quints
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  • Is 6 sets of towels (bath towel, hand towel, washcloth) too many to register for?

    For bridal shower? It would total 18....3 colors, 2 sets of eachIs 6 sets of towels (bath towel, hand towel, washcloth) too many to register for?
    if you'll have the storage space then go for it cuz you can NEVER have enough towels.

    -for guests, for ones that get bleached, for mopping up the floor when your kids replicate a hurricane while taking a bath etcIs 6 sets of towels (bath towel, hand towel, washcloth) too many to register for?
    It's the perfect amount, if you have one bathroom. For each bathroom, you should have 2 sets of towels to be in use (one for you and one for hubby), 2 sets in the closet and 2 sets in the laundry. For 2 people, you should have 6 sets (per bathroom)!

    By the way, that's how to calculate how many sheet sets to register for, too (1 set for on each bed, 1 set for each bed in the closet, and 1 set for each bed in the laundry).

    Hope this helps!
    I agree with whoever said you can never have too many. If you look at it this way, one set each for your husband and you per that's only 3 days worth. The place I registered at wouldn't allow ';sets'; so I had to register for each individually (8 bath sheets, 8 hand towels, 8 washcloths). I ended up with almost 3 times that amount (not complaining, it was great!) b/c my towels were on sale the week before my shower. So, no that isn't too many to register for.
    Well if you registered for what you need in your home then no! I registered for 2 towels 2 hand towels and 2 washclothes in 3 different colors that match my house. If people buy them then great, if not it's no big deal go buy them when you get money from your wedding. It doesn't matter how much you register for, you are only going to get what people buy you. So no I don't think that is too much.
    What is really important here???? ';in the future'; you undoubtably will have MISMATCHED TOWELS! Who cares!

    I dont care if the bathrooms have mismatched towels, as long as they are clean. There are a whole lot of other places to put your attention...towels are trivial. Solid pastels, or solid jewel tones? I would love what ever the person picked out! Because THEY chose it. Sometimes the registrys seem to be more important than the ceremony, and celebration.
    Honey, take from an ol' married fart, when it comes to husbands you can NEVER have too many towel

    ..and if they are all the same color your bathroom will always look pulled together rather than a whole bunch of dif colored towels..or if you like the contrast pick two colors and take the time to designate the manufacturer and style...that way you avoid mis-matches...good luck.
    Towels are always needed, so no, not too many. I would actually register for more bath towels than that. You may want to register for some plain white washcloths also, if you use them for taking off makeup or cleaning, you can bleach them when you wash them.
    That is how many we registered for. I think it is a good number. Plus, sometimes they stop making that color in that brand so that way you don't have mis-matched towels in the future if you ever needed to buy more.
    Go ahead if this is what you want. The only thing you have to do is to have enough hangers in the bathroom to accommodate 2 sets. I have the same in my bathroom and my husband and me know our hangers and never mix it up..............
    I registered for 8 sets. So that we can do laundry loads of 4 sets each...and when we have guests, they can have nice towels too. So no, I don't think it's too much...I would register for 1 more set.
    Nope it is ok to register what what ever you want. If that is what you need or want in your household then by all means get it. Some people don't realize how much stuff you need to pull home together!
    You can register for as many as you may get all or none. Registering for something doesn't ensure you will get it, it just shows people what you'd like to have.
    I dont think 6 sets of towels is too many.

    But chill, My Opinion is just trying to get a rise out of you (and every other person who asks a question here), no need to get upset hun!
    It's YOUR registry, register for whatever you want. If you know that you want them, like them, and know that you're going to use them, what does it matter?
    You can register for 100 sets. It doesn't mean people will buy them for you.
    no - I don't think that's too many --- I agree with the ';old married fart'; ( lol :) that's too funny) - you can never have too many towels - you'll use them for guests and stuff like that.
    You can never have too many towels.
    I don't think so. I mean most people probably have four of each, especially once they have children.
    Not if you know you're going to use them all and not just keep them in your linen closet.
    Depends on teh price. Or can you register for each size seperatly?
    who puts towels on hangers? don't most people just fold them?

    To answer your question, it's a fine amount
    nope cuz when you have kids you will go thro towels like crazy lol